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Taking back the Streets – Rediscovering the Art of Street Photography

Ever since Jacob Riis photographed those “poor wretches” he found in New York slums with the earliest of cameras, street photography, or a capturing of a “real” social moment in time has existed.

Riis used the pictures to make a point, but that does not move us away from the fact that the point was made at all, and it was made with photography.

One of the joys of street photographers is that you can really do it with the smallest compact camera. In fact, look at the sort of social and documentary photography we are now seeing taking with people’s IPhones to show you that street photography is accessible and within the reach of everyone.

Street photography is often presented in black and white imagery and the reason for this is it becomes at once of its age and ageless, as this format strips down to the barest story.

Street photography can record, formulation opinion, change them or create joy in the viewer. Our social history is being lost to a great extent because we don’t print our photos or record our daily lives in the way we used to. Now is the time to take back the streets and start recording our new social history.

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