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For the love of Rust

I think most photographers like a bit of grunge, so I was quite surprised when looking that very few people seem to have written on the subject. Perhaps it’s our desire for texture taken from us in many ways by the smoothness of digital DSLR capture that have sent us running for the filters, HDR techniques and textured backgrounds, but whatever it is I have a serious habit for rust and decay.

I have a friend who claims he doesn’t paint his front gate because he knows of my love of rust, so I am used as an excuse, people will unbidden point out a “good door” to me, by which they mean “good” to me, which is flaking and faded.

I have even set up a “Rust” group on FineArtAmerica where i sell my prints


and people add their images all the time which suggests to me that there is a breed of us that doesn’t like too perfect, likes a little jaded, faded and clapped out. Certainly gives us all hope in that case.

vintage acrylic prints

rust posters