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Photo Tuition

GIFT VOUCHERS NOW AVAILABLE AS £10, £20, £30 and £45 denominations.

Lesley is currently offering a range of photography courses designed to suit beginners, and intermediate levels.

Contact in order to get full dates for these courses, and discuss your individual requirements

Beginners Photography Course

This 5 hour course is designed to take the fear out of using the functions on your camera. In a very relaxed non-technical format, Lesley will teach you how to take control of your camera, and understand what each does. The course will start at the meeting point, but will nearly always involve outdoor walking, and so suitable clothing is suggested.

All technical teaching is then reinforced by an exercises undertaken with Lesley close by to ask questions, and solve any problems you may have. She will also spend time with each candidate individually allowing them to discuss their own individual requirements. Everyone comes away at the next stage they need to be, the comments speak for themselves (below).

Course Content/Format

Rules of Composition – discussion and exercise
Taking control of your focal points – theory and exercise
Aperture Priority – theory and practice
Shutter Speed Priority – theory and practice
White Balance
Manual Mode
Metering Modes
Picture Styles
Any Questions

(Lunch takes place in a cafe suitable where we are working – a range of foods will be available, but please let us know in advance if you have special requirements)

Posing People (outdoors) (using a professional model)

Cost £45 (maximum 6 students)
Venue: Oxford (10am-1pm)
Dates: Apply for dates

Using a model we will spend three hours, learning how to:

– pose people naturally
– how to get the best out of models
– use reflected light
– use flash
– hone composition
– experiment with angles

Street Photography (maximum 6 students)

Cost £45
Venue: Oxford (10am-1pm)
– understanding what street and social photography is
– looking at different styles of street photography
– understanding limitations and boundaries
– getting good results unobtrusively

Posing People in a Studio (maximum 6 students) (using professional models)

Cost £45
Venue: Banbury, E-Collins Studio, White Lion Walk
Dates Dates on Application
– pose people naturally
– how to get the best out of models
– low key and high key photography
– lighting set-ups

Beauty and Fashion Photography (maximum 6 students) (using professional model)

Venue: Banbury, E-Collins Studio, White Lion Walk
Dates: Dates on Application
– differences between glamour, fashion and beauty photography
– posing people naturally
– how to the get the best out of models
– low and high key photography

24 thoughts on “Photo Tuition”

  1. I wanted to thank you for the excursion , I’ve learnt a lot & hopefully will be able to put some (if not all) of what I’ve learnt, to use!
    You have a great teaching style, not too technical, but not dumbed down either – easy learning for me!

  2. Hi Lesley

    Just wanted to say thanks for an enjoyable day today, for your patience, and for giving me the confidence to use manual mode, something I have thought I should try for some time now. I’ll never be David Bailey but I am looking forward to taking better photos – fingers crossed !

    Kind regards
    Greta Whareham

  3. I loved this one day course. In the month since I did it, I’ve come on leaps and bounds with my confidence, technical ability and have a new lease of life with my photography! Thanks Lesley.

  4. Hi Leslie,
    Many thanks for a really enjoyable course yesterday – we learned loads on it! We also like how practical and hands-on it was too.

    Would highly recommend this course to others.

    Many thanks!

  5. Lesley,
    Thanks for a great day photographing on Sunday. I really enjoyed wandering around Oxford, chatting, trying out new idea. you created a great atmosphere in which to experiment and learn.

  6. As a complete beginner, the one day course was great. It was a great introduction into photography for me. Looking forward to trying out the new skills! Thanks!

  7. I just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoyed Saturday. I don’t know that I have anything truly spectacular in the way of photos (one or two that I am pleased with), but I certainly learnt a huge amount, not only about how to programme manually, but also about why the camera does what it does on point and shoot!

  8. Thanks for your time Lesley. I found the course extremely fascinating and useful. I’m dying to put some of what you taught me into practise! In fact, when I was talking to the wife about the course and showing her the photos, she got so excited that she’s thinking of doing the course at some point in the future.

  9. Thanks for the course on Saturday. A very useful introduction to how to properly use my camera, full of great tips and very well explained. You had time for every question and I liked the hands on approach.

  10. Thank you Lesley for a great introductory course on Friday. It has given me the confidence to really experiment with my camera (now I know what all the buttons are). I never thought I would say I love manual mode!! great course, great venue, exceptional tutor.

  11. Thanks Lesley for a most enjoyable day…just wished I could have stayed longer!
    Really enjoyed your style of teaching and hopefully will be able to put all we learnt
    to good use.

  12. Wow! What a session that was! 2h Outdoor Portraiture tuition with Lesley renewed my passion that I thought had dwindled a bit of late, and that’s because I just didn’t have the right techniques – I wasn’t getting the quality I wanted. However along came Lesley and the model, who were both really helpful and as a result I felt much more confident I totally recommend Lesley and her tuition style makes photography fun and accessible. Will book future sessions with her, studio photography is my next goal! Now I have to get back to 300 pictures!!!

  13. Hi Lesley
    Thank you for the tuition on Friday. I enjoyed it very much and learnt more than all the books I’ve read. The course was easy going but always on the go, you kept it at the right pace. Look forward to doing more courses with you. Again thank you.

  14. Hi Lesley

    Just a quick note to say thank you for the excellent beginner’s course on Friday. We enjoyed it immensley and have already been trying out our new found skills. Hope to do another course with you in the not too distant future.

    Kind regards


  15. Hi Lesley,

    Your course last Friday left me inspired about my photography and confident in my new found ability.

    I’m now happy to walk up to a street situation and actually know what I want to achieve and how to do it.

    I will be back for more.

    Thanks, Frank

  16. Lesley you are a gifted teacher and I appreciated the fact that you were able to help us as individuals, even though we were a reasonably sized group. I learned more in one day than I did on other courses I have been on. Thank you – I will be back for more!

  17. A great day on Monday in Banbury. I was very nervous about coming along, as I’ve never really understood my camera at all and thought it was all very complicated. Now I will be taking it off the ‘auto’ setting, and experimenting all thanks to you. Within the first hour I had taken photos I was really proud of, thanks for your expert guidance and patience! A great course.

  18. Hi Lesley

    I just want to thank you for your time at Banbury on Monday, I really enjoyed the way you ran the course it was very relaxed and I feel as I have learned a lot.

    Once thank you very much for a great day.


    Alan Molloy

  19. Hi Lesley

    Just to say a big thankyou for the course in Oxford yesterday
    the content was aimed at my level and felt completely at ease, the delivery of the course was great and feel I now have enough knowledge to progress to the next stage, thank you for your patience, will be booking again once I have come to grips with my new found knowledge.


  20. Lesley has a fantastic way of communicating the essentials which is direct, manageable and clear. Thanks for your help Lesley. Richard

  21. Lesley is a very Impressive,naturally gifted tutor with a relaxed manner. She is very encouraging and manages to explain the information in an easy format to understand. She can adapt her teaching to suit young and old, experienced and non experienced individuals alike. Having done two courses with her to date I would highly recommend her to anyone and I look forward to the next.

  22. Hi Lesley I hope that you are well,just wanted to say that i am really impressed with those night shots and also, i really enjoyed that last training session with you and katy,she is such a nice girl, i would like to work with her again……I have in the past been on a few photography courses but i have to say that i do feel that you teach the best, I am an ex driving instructor with some teaching skills and yes i really do rate you. good Luck and hope all is going well with you. Take Care and God Bless..James

  23. Thank you for a great course. I have gained a lot of confidence from the day, which has given me the knowledge and skills to get out there and experiment for myself. Excellent starting point for people who want to get more from their camera!

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