About Me

Always happiest behind the lens, I have had a camera in my hand for well over 30 years. Designated the family photographer from an early age my joy in capturing expressions on faces, people being themselves and social photography is long standing.

When, at 18, I was given my first SLR camera my destiny was set, and I have been photographing weddings, portraits, conferences, events commercially for over six years.
I take a great deal of pride in building up a good relationship with my clients, believing that when you work as a team success and ultimately great images follow.

Whether it is a wedding, a 90th birthday, a model portfolio or a corporate event I will work with you to ensure that the end results meet your requirements and reflect what you set out to do.

I also teach photography, commercially and in Further Education, and I am happy to arrange workshops or 1-2-1 sessions to help you improve your photography and get more from your camera. Whether it is just to learn to take it off “Auto”, use it more effectively in your business, or become a photographer yourself I can provide bespoke training to suit your time-scale and needs.

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